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The Future Is In Your Hands

Working at Bonduelle Northern Europe

I would like to tell you what it means to work for our company, Bonduelle Northern Europe. Of course, when looked at superficially, there are similarities between working for Bonduelle and working for other companies or brands. Some might even say that in most respects, working for Bonduelle is the same as working for anyone else. But by staying at the surface level, you would be missing the crucial point. You would miss out on our heritage, our plans for the future and how the two are inseparably linked. You would miss out on the conviction that is rooted in our history and that shapes our culture. You would miss out on how this culture defines the way we work together and how it makes a difference to the well-being of our customers. In other words, you would miss out on the very essence of who we are. I invite you to experience it yourself.

Reggie Beckers
Teamleader Customer Service

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Our 7 Values

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At Bonduelle, we master the entire vegetable sector, from field to plate, offering a true diversity of professions in agro-industry, marketing-commerce, finance and human resources.  Because we rely on the best profiles in order to continue our development in the world, we address the Talents that share our values ​​(Concern For People - Trust - Openness - Excellence - Integrity - Fairness - Simplicity) ambition. Read more >

Our Job Offers

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Watch some video's of employees sharing their experiences at Bonduelle. Just click on the image below

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Bonduelle Northern Europe | Hooge Zijde 26 | 5226 DC Eindhoven | The Netherlands | +31 800 266 383 55 (toll free)